Personal and professional development


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Internal dynamics

Self-knowledge, new resource development to find a new autonomy and to be able to initiate individual change

Personal and professional career coaching

An itinerary of reflection and development to anchor own new personal decision and to find the best way to connect it to the reality

The Instant Relaxation Kit futura21

A futura21 tool, supported by a specialized coaching and training, to learn how to use your own Instant techniques for a personalized daily use.

The Instant Relaxation Kit has been designed by futura21’s specialists in psychology and in personal development. It is a small, practical, business card sized leaflet. You’ll be able to take it with you, to easily find the relaxation technique that will allow you to calm down at any time. A workshop training or individual coaching sessions will allow you to learn how each technique works and how it can contribute to your well-being.

The Futura21 Instant Relaxation Kit is available in 4 languages: French-English-German-Italian

The futura21 know-how

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Change management
Organizational development

Assessment of competencies and potential

Coaching and mentoring programmes for
leaders and managers

Skill and job changes in organizations

Professional and personal development

Training programmes for Managers and HR Professionals

Career transition
Outplacement programmes

Executive Job Coaching – OCE
Executive Solutions - SDE

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