Executive Job Coaching – OCE
Executive Solutions – SDE

A four month intensive programme

  • Programs dedicated to executive professionals registered at the OCE-Geneva: Executive Job Coaching and at the SDE-Vaud: Executive Solutions
  • The coaching team, with consultants and trainers offering both a personalized coaching and providing answers to the diverse career transition and job search support needs
  • The personal coach provides a deep attention to each-one; training and group activities bring a new energy through dynamic exchanges, and help at feeling again own confidence and own professional value.
  • Through its business consulting services futura21 has a continuous presence within companies and an active network in the regional economic organizations.
  • Head-hunters, recruiters, managers, experts in communication participate in the futura21 conferences bringing updates and providing professional insights.

A destination and a route for everyone The specialized program approaches can provide an answer to the different transition and individual needs:

  • step back from difficult impacts of past professional situations
  • get support to be able to go through the transition period, rebuild confidence and energy and feeling motivated to focus again to the future
  • discover the hidden opportunities of the job market, feel comfortable in networking meetings
  • develop a new know-how to be able to communicate and to inspire employers, managers and recruiters

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The futura21 know-how

Expertise and areas of activities

Change management
Organizational development

Assessment of competencies and potential

Coaching and mentoring programmes for
leaders and managers

Skill and job changes in organizations

Professional and personal development

Training programmes for Managers and HR Professionals

Career transition
Outplacement programmes

Executive Job Coaching – OCE
Executive Solutions - SDE

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